DINITZ Kosher Hospitality operate the FIRST & ONLY Kosher Restaurants in Prague Fully Aprroved & Constantly supervised by the CHIEF RABBINATE of Czech Republic, Dinitz has been setting the standars leading Prague Kosher scenary for several years, it's the most popular kosher restaurant in Prague among Local Jews & even Non Jewish guests not without reason - with an excellent value for money ratio allowing all guests to enjoy kosher food in Prague & a special Culinary experience .

A bit off the main footfall paths this little Jewish jewel serves also Vistors who seek keeping kosher in prague, this is the place to meet local cominity members while enjoying a kosher vacation in Prague.

View our certificate guaranteeing a STRICKTLY GLATT KOSHER place for you.

DINITZ Prague Kosher restaurant is on 12 Bílkova st. Just Behind the Spanish Synagogue & short walking distance to all Syangogues in Prague , Offering MEAT & PARVE dishes, Take away, Delivery & Kosher Catering services available.

SHABBAT in Prague

FRIDAY Festive Dinner is the best value 'Shabbes Meal in Prague' - an ALL Inclusive Royal feast in Prague : 4 course meal, Wine for kidush & our own home baked Challa breads for all guests & unlimited soft drinks Draught Beer, all inclusive DeLuxe menu for just 875czk.
(aprox: 35 U$D - 22GBP - 29Euro)

SATURDAY lunch can also be prebooked in Dinitz - our famous North African style. Chollent is only one of the many dishes offered in this DeLuxe 4 cours Royal feast at 765czk (aprox: 30 U$D - 19GBP - 25Euro)

Due to the Sanctity of Shabbat, these meals need to be PreBooked & PrePaid & as the demand for limited number of seats in Dinitz Prague Kosher restaurant is very high & we recomend to reserve at least a week before arriving - if possible even earlier.

Dinitz does NOT open on Motsai Shabbat.